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Learn About Wine

With so many varieties to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin learning about wine. We'll help you expand your palate and your knowledge.

Visiting wineries is a great way to learn about different varietals, but there’s so much you can uncover from the comfort of home.

Let us take you on an exciting wine journey — one that goes behind the scenes and beyond the labels of the rich array of styles and producers. Sip back, relax and discover the world of wine! Here you’ll learn why the shape of each glass is suited to the wine it serves, how the correct temperature can enhance the flavor and aroma of the wine, why people decant a wine and how to evaluate the wine you’re tasting.

Evaluating Wine

Wine tasting involves more than just your tastebuds — you also need to notice the appearance and bouquet of the wine. Follow the “Five S’s of Wine Tasting” to fully appreciate each vintage.

Temperature Guide

Serving your wine at the correct temperature can greatly enhance its flavor and aroma. Keep a few simple rules in mind so as not to serve red wine too warm and white wine too cold.

Glass Guide

Choosing a wine glass may be more complicated than knowing which fork to use at a fancy dinner, but it’s worth considering because the right choice will add greatly to your appreciation of the wine. Consult this guide next time you set the table.