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Learn About Spirits

Learn how to best serve spirits and explore our library of cocktail recipes to find new ways to enjoy your old favorites.

Three cocktails: left tall glass with a reddish orange cocktail, front a whiskey sour on the rocks garnished with a lemon and cherry and right is a straight up martini with three olives.

Uncover Spirits Basics with Us

The complete history of liquor is unknown. While it’s believed the first spirit was distilled in the 13th century, the first mention of various alcohol types has been found as early as 3500 BCE in Indian Sanskrit! Here we’ll help you discover the wide world of spirits — mixology vocabulary, different glassware shapes and cocktail recipes for every season.

Mixology Vocabulary

Cocktails have been around since the 1800s, with the first known guide published in 1862 by New York City bartender Jerry Thomas. Over the years, mixology’s developed a vocabulary all its own. Learn what these commonly used terms mean and sound like a pro the next time you order a drink.

Various colorful cocktails in a variety of cocktail glasses sitting on top of a white bar top.

Master the art of mixology.

Bartenders aren’t the only ones who know how to make a great cocktail. Experiment with a few of our recipes at home, and soon you’ll be mixing it up with the best of them.

Glass Guide

Many spirit glasses are named after the drink that made them famous. Learn why the shape of each glass is particularly suited to the beverage it holds.