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Learn & Entertain

From wine tasting and hosting tips to mixology vocabulary and food-pairing with wine or spirits — when it comes to entertaining and educating, we've got all this and more!

Cheers to good times and great taste!

Here you can explore how to best serve wine based on its type, choose the best glass to enhance your enjoyment of wines, spirits and cocktails, learn about the proper way to taste wine and spirits, and how to conduct a tasting with friends and family. Get tips to plan the perfect party for any time of year, including wine and food recipes, entertaining tips and more. Not only will you learn how to pair food with wine, but spirits as well. It’s everything you need to impress all your guests with your knowledge on our favorite subject — wine and spirits.

Discovery Series Explores Riesling

Riesling is one of the world’s most famous white varietals. It’s also a chameleon, available in multiple styles that suit multiple palates, pleasing dry white wine drinkers as well as those with a sweet tooth.

A woman evaluating a glass of wine by sniffing to see what notes are on the nose.

Learn About Wine

With so many varieties to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin learning about wine. We can help you expand your palate and your knowledge.

A martini, a cocktail in a highball glass and a cocktail in a rocks glass sitting on top of a wooden bar.

Learn About Spirits

Learn how to best serve spirits and explore our cocktail recipes to find new ways to enjoy your old favorites.

Half a dozen bottles of sparkling and still wines sitting in a metal ice bucket.  Headline: Drink Calculator

Drink Calculator

From dinner parties to wedding receptions, no matter how many guests you’re expecting, our drink calculator is a handy tool to help you figure out how many bottles of wine and spirits you’ll need for your next gathering.