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Social Responsibility has zero tolerance for underage drinking and encourages responsible and moderate consumption of alcohol by adults age 21 and over. Through the Bureau of Alcohol Education, the PLCB administers alcohol-education programs throughout Pennsylvania, provides responsible alcohol management training for licensees, and offers grants for organizations that support this mission. We encourage teaching minors the dangers of alcohol, serving and consuming alcohol responsibly at licensed establishments and being a responsible host in your home.

Parents with son at a special event conveying that alcohol is off-limits for kids.

Talk with your kids about alcohol – before the celebration begins.

A special occasion is no excuse to let kids drink. Even a sip is illegal. Learn the facts. Keep them safe. Learn the facts and talk with them. Get tips at

Start the conversation early, revisit it often.

Ninety-four percent of Pennsylvania parents believe it’s their responsibility to talk with their kids about the dangers and risks of alcohol, but many are unsure how to start. Visit for scenarios and resources, and learn how to take advantage of brief, age-appropriate conversations that spring out of everyday experiences and grow with children as they mature.

Be a responsible host.

Monitoring alcohol consumption is an important part of drinking and hosting. There are many factors that influence the effects of alcohol, in addition to the amount consumed, including a person's weight, gender and overall health. Alcohol should be avoided by many people for various health reasons and, of course, anyone under 21. If you choose to consume alcohol, do it responsibly. The best rule is not to consume more than one standard drink per hour, regardless of your size, gender or amount of food consumed.

RAMP logo.

Be a responsible licensee.

The Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP) makes training and resources available to licensees and their employees, so that they may understand and employ responsible alcohol management practices. RAMP is a certification that provides incentives for licensees that participate and complete its five components.