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Nachos, Wine & Margaritas — Let the Nacho-Nirvana Pairings Begin

Nachos are a crunchy delight! We love them and they come in so many varieties — we thought they make the perfect pairing for two fun holidays this month, National Drink Wine Day, February 18, and National Margarita Day, February 22.

Beef Nachos — Savory, Bold, Irresistible Bite — Paired Perfectly

Chicken Nachos — Zesty & Flavorful Bite —Paired Perfectly

Shrimp Nachos — Seafood Fiesta in Every Bite — Paired Perfectly

Zucchini Nachos — Crunchy Veggie Bliss — Paired Perfectly

Irish Nachos — Crispy, Cheesy & Potatolicious — Paired Perfectly

Churro Nachos—Sweet & Crisp—A Blissful Bite, Paired Perfectly