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New Year. New Trends.

Wines with lower alcohol and fewer calories are on the rise, providing great opportunities for those who seek lighter options without compromising taste.

A bottle of while and rosé wine in the middle of a table with dishes and wineglasses filled.

Low-Alcohol Wines

These wines use techniques like reverse osmosis or vacuum distillation to preserve the wine’s flavors and characteristics while reducing alcohol content.

Two glasses of white wine on a table with a salad.

Low-Calorie Wines

Low-calorie wines are specifically crafted to offer a guilt-free way to indulge. There are options suitable for anyone who wants to savor their favorite flavors without the added calories.

Low-alcohol and low-calorie wines pair well with foods that are crisp and light. Try one today and enjoy a delightful new experience!

Palate-Pleasing Pairings

Whatever your personal taste preferences are, there’s a pairing you’re sure to enjoy! Shop these lower-alcohol, low-calorie wines or you may also want to try alcohol-removed wines.