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Bourbon Heritage Month

September is Bourbon Heritage Month — salute bourbon’s history and craftsmanship with recipes, fun facts and Pennsylvania’s Bourbon Trail.

Each September we celebrate America’s “Native Spirit,” bourbon. This amber spirit is beloved by many throughout the world. Visit our Pennsylvania Bourbon Trail distilleries and find a new bourbon to add to your collection.




Philadelphia, PA Bourbon Trail

Bluebird Distilling

Bluebird Distilling is a true grain-to-glass distillery. Based in historic Phoenixville, the distillery is an accumulation of many years of hard work and love for spirits. Founder, Jared Adkins, spent years in the corporate manufacturing/engineering world after graduating college but felt a need for something more. Along with the help of his father as well as his close friend, Pierre, they transformed an abandoned building into a world-class distillery.

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Pennsylvania Distilling Co.

Rich Buoni and Joe Amoroso shared a passion for creating local, honest spirits. With decades of experience in a variety of industries, they turned this passion into reality and Pennsylvania Distilling Co. was born. Based in Malvern, PA, it adheres to old-fashioned principles like using natural ingredients and crafting spirits from scratch. Their grains and malts are sourced from small farms in PA, and they never rush the production process.

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New Liberty Distillery

Located in a vibrant North Philadelphia neighborhood, New Liberty Distillery is just minutes from Center City. The distillery was once a stable, and through much work and preservation the building is now home to their custom-made still, as well as the brick house where their whiskey and bourbons are barrel-aged. Crafting their own whiskey, they draw on local ingredients that display master distiller Robert Cassell’s skills.

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Mermaid Spirits Distillery

Owner and operator, Dr. David Johnston, is a trained research scientist with a degree in food biochemistry. No stranger to the processes of distillation and fermentation, David wanted to combine his passion for well-crafted drinks with his love of science to build the most perfect spirits. Mermaid Spirits Distillery is located in Huntingdon Valley, PA, and is a family run business hand-crafting their spirits.

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Brandywine Branch Distillery

Brandywine Branch Distillery, in historic Chester County, is a small-batch distillery home to the original Resurgent Spirits brand as well as Revivalist Gin. Founders Don and Scott Avellino helped their father run a family tire and auto company until the business sold. In 2014 the brothers began their next venture with the creation of The Revivalist. Currently they operate the distillery in a century-old stone barn affectionately called “The Hippie Barn.”

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Bourbon on the rocks. Glass sitting on top of a used bourbon barrel.

Made in America. Made for you.

Bourbon was born in Kentucky, and to this day, 95% of the world's supply is crafted there. Although many people believe this whiskey must be made in Kentucky to be considered a bourbon, it can be made anywhere in the United States. Whether enjoying a glass of bourbon on the rocks, with a splash of water, neat or crafting a cocktail, sip and savor.

Lehigh, Allentown, PA Bourbon Trail

Boardroom Spirits Distillery

Based in Lansdale, PA, Boardroom Spirits is a modern distillery that incorporates European distilling traditions with American ingenuity. Powered by clean energy with the help of 96 solar panels, they produce high quality spirits using real ingredients without artificial flavors or additives.

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Eight Oaks Farm Distillery

Veteran-owned and family-run, Eight Oaks Farm Distillery is in the Lehigh Valley. With a farm-to-bottle approach they grow all of the grains and believe in traditional distillation techniques, both which are used to craft award-winning spirits on their farm and the farms of their neighbors.

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Hewn Spirit's Distilling

With a history of restoring early American barns into unique dwellings, Sean Tracy, founder and head distiller, drew that love of old rare woods into the aging process of spirits he crafts. Keeping things local is imperative — all grains used in the mash and distilling process are grown within 10 miles of the distillery in Pipersville, PA.

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Social Still Distillery

The distillery was born in the former steel mills of Bethlehem, PA, with a dream to embrace the vibrancy and energy that helped forge the globe by utilizing the long-forgotten mill. Honoring the craft and giving back to the people, every purchase provides five months of safe water through partnership.

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Barrels filled with spirits stacked in a warehouse for aging.

Characteristics of Bourbon. Sip, Savor and Enjoy.

Not every whiskey can claim the name of “bourbon” as it requires a few specific characteristics. In addition to being American-made, it must consist of no less than 51% corn mash, be aged in a new unused charred barrels at 125 proof or less, bottled between 40% ABV and 160% ABV and not contain any additives.

Central PA Bourbon Trail

Appalachian Craft Spirits

In every bottle of Appalachian Craft Spirits, you’ll discover the full-bodied and exceptional flavor that comes from the “Appalachian Way.” Located in Mechanicsburg, PA, their spirits are distilled with recipes born from Appalachian Moonshiners and methods that were refined over the years.

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Barrel 21 Distillery

Located in Happy Valley, State College, PA, Barrel 21 Distillery is committed to crafting award-winning spirits from Pennsylvania grains and barrels. Built in 2015 by Carl Artisan Stills, they’re still using steam system — designed to preserve aromas and flavors that bring out the complexity of the spirits.

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Hidden Still Spirits

David E. Stein spent 35 years as a petroleum contractor before starting Hidden Stills Spirits in Lebanon, PA. Since, he’s expanded and moved to Hershey where he took an old Hershey Company recycling facility and converted it to a distillery and restaurant that produces top-shelf spirits and farm-to-table dining experience.

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Midstate Distillery

Midstate is Harrisburg's first distillery since Prohibition. This family-owned distillery uses local Pennsylvania ingredients, when possible, to handcraft small batches of superb and distinct spirits to make PA proud. Since its inception there’s been a product line named “Pennsyltucky.” Look for more expressions as it expands.

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Pay tribute by sipping and savoring a bourbon that matches your personality with one of our top choices for the occasion.

Pittsburgh, PA Bourbon Trail

Altered State Distillery

Gavin Maus and Aaron Hetz launched Altered State Distillery in Erie, PA, a custom-built facility that houses a 600-gallon mash tun along with several stills. Grains are imported from around the world to craft exceptional spirits that are innovative and unique.

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Liberty Pole Spirits at Mingo Creek Craft Distillers

In 2016, the Hough family began Liberty Pole Spirits located in Washington, PA. What started as a 300-gallon operation is now a campus distillery where they’ve more than tripled their production.

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McLaughlin Distillery

After twenty years of owning and running a dairy farm, USMC veteran Kim McLaughlin started a career in the oil and gas field. After several years, Kim decided to pursue his passion for craft distilling. In 2016, McLaughlin Distillery, a small-scale business producing high-quality, 100% natural spirits from scratch, was officially opened in Sewickley Hills, PA.

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In 2017 four local families formed a partnership, and MLH Distillery was born in Grove City, PA. Their goal is to deliver superior spirits sourced by local ingredients.

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Wigle Whiskey Distillery

Wigle, recently purchased and operated by the Nutting Family, owners of the Pittsburgh Pirates, is dedicated to the continued tradition of producing an organic grain-to-glass, small-batch whiskey. The company is named after Phillip Wigle and is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

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