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Tasting Notes

This bourbon is made up of local organic yellow dent corn, organic soft winter wheat and organic malted barley. Production begins when we grind the whole grains into grist at our family-owned distillery in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Once the mash is fermented, the process moves to our traditional copper kettle stills where the fermented mash is transformed into a high-alcohol spirit. After aging in new, charred, American-oak cooperage for two years, this robust bourbon whiskey is bottled by hand at 92 proof.

It’s exceptionally sweet on the nose with a pleasant brown sugar note. In a snifter, the bourbon’s sweetness is complemented by a mineral earthiness and baking spice flavors of clove and vanilla.

Wigle was named a 2018 James Beard Awards Semi-Finalist, and this bourbon was named one of the 10 Best Wheated Bourbons in the country by Distiller in 2018. This bourbon was also awarded a 2018 Gold Medal by the American Craft Spirits Association.

We like to think that bourbon, like all whiskey in America, has a spiritual birthplace here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pre-Prohibition distillers throughout Pennsylvania distilled spirits made from corn mash. We consider our organic Pennsylvania bourbon to be part of this regional legacy.
— Distiller's notes

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