Last updated: April 1, 2019
When shopping on (the "FWGS website") or any mobile sites, services, applications, or platforms (collectively, "FWGS mobile platforms") operated by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board ("PLCB"), you will be given the option, during checkout, of having the product(s) or item(s) that you purchase shipped to any Pennsylvania home or business address (with the exception of P.O. Boxes), or to a physical Fine Wine & Good Spirits store location operated by the PLCB ("FWGS physical store location") for pickup.
All persons purchasing or receiving alcoholic beverages must be at least 21 years of age.
Delivery Information: While the PLCB will accept orders from outside Pennsylvania, the delivery address must be located within Pennsylvania. All products or items are shipped via United Parcel Service ("UPS"). Based on UPS regulations for delivering alcohol, an adult (age 21 or older) must sign for receipt of the package at the time of delivery to a customer's residence or business address. Verification of age is required at the time of delivery. Failure to produce age verification forfeits the right to receive the shipment until identification is produced. UPS will make three attempts to deliver your order. After the third attempt, your order will be returned to the PLCB's fulfillment center by UPS. If you are uncertain whether an adult will be present to sign for the order upon delivery to a residence or business address, you should select the in-store pickup delivery option during the checkout process. Once an order has been placed, you will not be permitted to modify the shipping address information associated with the order or have the order redirected to a different address or FW&GS store location.
In-Store Pickup: If you would like to have your order shipped to a FWGS physical store location, you may choose from any of the more than 600 stores located throughout Pennsylvania. The store locator feature on the FWGS website can be used to find the store location most convenient to you. Proper identification, with proof of age, will be required at the time of pickup.
Third-Party Pickup: You may designate a third party to pick up any product(s) or item(s) purchased through the FWGS website and/or FWGS mobile platforms at a FWGS physical store location. If you would like to designate a third party, you will be prompted to indicate this during the checkout process. Proper identification, with proof of age, will be required at the time of pickup. Please note that, in Pennsylvania, a valid transporter-for-hire license is generally required in order to transport alcoholic beverages for other persons for a fee. While the PLCB will take steps to match the identity of a designated third-party recipient at the time of pickup with the information that is supplied by a purchaser at the time of purchase, the PLCB is not responsible for ensuring that a third-party recipient has actual authority to act on behalf of a purchaser, or for ensuring that a third-party recipient holds or has obtained the necessary licensure needed to transport alcoholic beverages for hire. Under no circumstances shall the PLCB be liable for any actions taken by or damages or harm caused by a designated third-party recipient.
Gift Orders: If your order is a gift, and you would like to have it shipped directly to the intended recipient, you will need to supply the recipient's contact information during the checkout process. Gift orders may be sent to a home or business address or to the FWGS physical store location of your choice. The same shipping policies apply to both gift orders and non-gift orders.
Delivery Times: It is the PLCB's goal to process and ship all orders as quickly as possible. There are several factors that may contribute to when you will receive your order once it has been placed. Generally, orders will be shipped to the home address, business address, or FWGS physical store location of your choice within one to three business days. However, orders placed after 3:00 PM on Thursday will be shipped the following Monday; these orders are processed in this manner to prevent any product(s) or items(s) from sitting in an uncontrolled temperature environment for an extended period of time. Delivery times may vary to some degree during special sales, promotional events, holidays, and/or periods of extreme weather conditions.
Order Tracking: Once you have received the tracking number that is provided to you with your shipping confirmation email, you may track your order through the UPS tracking site,
Shipping Costs: Shipping costs are calculated at the end of the ordering process with costs determined based on the delivery location. Orders shipped to locations other than FWGS physical store locations will be assessed a fee for adult signature verification by UPS. Orders shipped to FWGS physical store locations for customer pickup will not be assessed the adult signature fee; however, customers will be required to provide proof of age at the time of pickup.
Shipping rates are based on the following formula:
Ship to home:
1-3 bottles $14.00 Flat Fee
$1.00 extra for each additional bottle over 3.
For example:
4 bottles    $15.00
8 bottles    $19.00
12 bottles  $23.00
Ship to Store:
1-3 bottles $7.00 Flat Fee
$1.00 extra for each additional bottle over 3.
For example:
4 bottles    $8.00
8 bottles    $12.00
12 bottles  $16.00