Precept Wine Advent Calendar 24x375 mL Cans
An image of Precept Wine Advent Calendar 24x375 mL Cans
Variety/style: Other Variety
Country: USA
Region: Washington
Vintage: AV
Size: 9 L
Product Code: 000081997
Availability: Limited Distribution
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24 Days of Wine Advent Calendar with one can each:

Day Drinking Southern Peach Can

Day Drinking Sparkling Rose Can

Day Drinking Watermelon Rose Can

House Wine Brut Can

House Wine Chardonnay Can

House Wine Grapefruit Spritz Can

House Wine Lemon Lime Can

House Wine Pinot Noir Can

House Wine Camouflage Red Can

House Wine Red Can

House Wine Rose Can

House Wine Sparkling Rose Can

House Wine Sparkling Rose Rainbow Can

House Wine Sangria Can

House Wine Sauvignon Blanc Can

House Wine Tropical Can

Sawtooth Pinot Gris Can

Sawtooth Rose Can

Sawtooth Sparkling Rose Can

Ste Chapelle Mountain Berry Spritz Can

Ste Chapelle Blood Orange Spritz Can

Ste Chapelle Black Cherry Spritz Can

Ste Chapelle Huckleberry Spritz Cans

Ste Chapelle Raspberry Rose Spritz Can

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