Boardroom Ginger Vodka Signed by Robert Irvine 60 Proof
An image of Boardroom Ginger Vodka Signed by Robert Irvine 60 Proof
Age: NA
Country: USA
Size: 750 ML
Product Code: 000075244
Availability: Online Exclusive
  • Expert Notes

"Boardroom Spirits presents our FRESH line of 100% real fruit- and root-flavored vodkas. There is absolutely no artificial flavor, food coloring, sweetener, or sugar added. We firmly believe in transparency and list the three simple ingredients used on the back of the label. Vodka, real ginger root, and water.

"FRESH Ginger is the new standard for your Moscow Mule! Ranked as a top 5 flavored vodka in the industry, FRESH Ginger captures the savory, sweet, and spicy flavor of raw, fresh ginger. This flavorful vodka is 50% Alcohol by Volume (100 Proof), which lets you substitute the calories, sugars, and carbs of a ginger beer for a flavorful Moscow Mule that pops with bold ginger flavor."

- Distiller's Notes

Chef Robert Irvine signed bottle available for online purchase only. Available while supplies last.

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