Navazos Palazzi Spanish Rum Oloroso Cask 102 Proof
An image of Navazos Palazzi Spanish Rum Oloroso Cask 102 Proof
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Size: 750 ML
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"The story of EQUIPO NAVAZOS is the story of a passion, a passion shared by an ample group of lovers and connoisseurs of traditional Andalusian wines. Aware of the sleeping treasures that rested buried in the cellars of Jerez, Sanlucar and El Puerto, as well as in and around Montilla, we decided to rescue some of these jewels. In 2005 we started to select specific butts of special finesse and complexity and to bottle them in very limited series, at the beginning only privately for our own enjoyment and that of friends from Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and the U.S., mostly people from the wine world: oenologists, wine writers, distributors, sommeliers, as well as deeply knowledgeable aficionados.

"Finest pot still brandy slowly aged in a single cask that used to contain Dry Oloroso Sherry of the highest quality. Very pure, drawn directly from the “bota”, natural golden color and extreme dryness. A way towards the currently difficult-to-find authenticity in Spanish Brandies."

--Importer's notes

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