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Prevu Sparkling Liqueur Organic 34 Proof
An image of Prevu Sparkling Liqueur Organic 34 Proof
Age: NA
Country: Not Specified
Size: 750 ML
Product Code: 000034149
Availability: Online Exclusive
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Online Exclusive!!!

"Prevu is a 100% organic sparkling liqueur.

"Prevu has an excellent blend of wheat based vodka and cognac, which is distilled in Cognac, France. The sparkling liqueur contains 70% vodka and 30% cognac. This delicate beverage is immersed with black currant, raspberry, blackberry and a touch of violet flower, giving it a savory appeal and natural sophistication. Prevu’s ingredients are all certified organic and natural with a 17% alcohol proof.

"The extraordinary bottle design has a custom transparent dual-layer skin cap that was specifically hand crafted for easy handling and accompanied by a laser-etched surface. Although Prevu has a smaller proof than other liqueurs, consumers can actually taste the refreshing blend of vodka and cognac. The unique red color of the liqueur appeals to both men and women. Prévu is best when served on the rocks, chilled, with lime or as a mixer.

"Prevu was created by 27-year-old, owner Simon Tikhman – who has always had an interest in owning his own alcoholic beverage company and was inspired by the organic movement in San Francisco. Since being raised in a green and organic household then studying Business at USC, Tikhman felt there wasn’t enough focus on green/natural alcoholic drinks."

--Distiller's notes

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