Los Amantes Mezcal Reposado 80 Proof
An image of Los Amantes Mezcal Reposado 80 Proof
Age: NA
Country: Mexico
Size: 750 ML
Product Code: 000034053
Availability: Limited Distribution
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Limited Availability Premium Collection Spirit

"Los Amantes Mezcal is locally produced of 100% Agave in Oaxaca, Mexico by families or small distilleries, commonly known as ‘palanqueros’.

"The pina, or heart, which takes 8 years to mature, is extracted from the agave plant and then cooked for 3 days in conical pits underground, giving it an intense and distinctive smoky flavor.

"The pinas are then crushed and left to ferment in barrels. Distillation takes place in clay or copper pots, which can affect the final flavor. The resulting liquid (mezcal) is aged in new American oak for 6 months.

"Aroma: Sultry layers of smoke, clove and vanilla are deftly interlaced with citrus nuances.

"Taste: Earthy, smoky flavors, soft sweet and warm."

--Distiller's notes

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