Siete Leguas Tequila Anejo
An image of Siete Leguas Tequila Anejo
Age: NA
Country: Mexico
Size: 750 ML
Rating: BTI - 88
Product Code: 000010817
Availability: Online Exclusive
  • Expert Notes

100% agave aged 24 months in white oak barrels. A full-bodied amber tequila sparkling with silvery and golden hues. Pleasant fruit noses emanate, intertwined with cooked agave nuance and delicate buttery notes, offering a subtle oak barrel finish that allows the connnoisseur to savor its full aromatic intensity.

— Distiller's notes

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Tequila is made only from Weber blue agave in specific regions of Mexico. Mezcal is the spirit that is identified with the "worm" in the bottle. Read More