DeKuyper Holiday Candy Cane Schnapps 4x50 ML 45 Proof
An image of DeKuyper Holiday Candy Cane Schnapps 4x50 ML 45 Proof
Age: NA
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Size: 200 ML
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Dekuyper Peachtree Schnapps

"A classic. This liqueur is bursting with the taste of tree-ripe peaches and makes a mean cocktail."

Dekuyper Hot Damn! Cinnamon Schnapps

"Hot cinnamon starts any night off with a bang."

Dekuyper Peppermint Schnapps

"Cool and refreshing and made with natural peppermint extract."

Dekuyper Buttershots Butterscotch Schnapps

"One of our fan favorites - try this can't miss flavor today!"

--Producer's notes

Gift set includes 1 50ML bottle each flavor

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