Eight Oaks Farm Distillery Authentic Applejack 80 Proof
An image of Eight Oaks Farm Distillery Authentic Applejack 80 Proof
Age: NA
Country: USA
Size: 375 ML
Product Code: 000001620
Availability: Limited Distribution
  • Expert Notes

"Farmers in the Lehigh Valley were making Applejack before our country was even born. One of the best known apples used in Applejack was the Baldwini Apple, which was discovered by a farmer in the 1740’s named William Butters, who just so happens to be the eighth great-grandfather of Eight Oaks founder, Chad Butters. You can't get more authentic than that. Our Authentic Applejack is perfect for every cocktail from lemonades, to margaritas, mules, and even hot cocoa. Made with 100% apples and no added flavor this is a perfectly balanced spirit."

--Distiller's notes

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