Bluebird Distilling Four Grain Bourbon 92 Proof
An image of Bluebird Distilling Four Grain Bourbon 92 Proof
Age: NA
Country: USA
Size: 750 ML
Product Code: 000001318
Availability: Limited Distribution
  • Expert Notes

Our four grain bourbon is made from the finest blend of corn, rye, wheat and barley. We mash the grains, distill only once and age the bourbon in in new, charred American oak barrels. This process creates an exceptionally balanced, incredibly delicious, one-of-a-kind bourbon.

Tasting notes:

Nose -- sweet spice, oak, vanilla

Palate -- sweet corn, smoke, vanilla

Finish -- medium dry finish of toffee and butterscotch

--Distiller's notes

Awards & Accolades:

Bronze -- American Craft Spirits Competition

Bronze -- Berlin International Spirits Competition

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