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Wine Tastings
Vintage Year
Explore what makes a “very good year,” and you can learn a lot about a particular wine. The conditions under which the grapes were grown and harvested have much to do with how the finished wine tastes. Temperature fluctuations and the amount of rain or sunshine affect grape varieties differently. How far along the vine is in its individual growth cycle often determines the degree of influence the weather will have. Extraordinary occurrences like hail, tornadoes, droughts or insect swarms also leave their mark.
Tastings to Try:
Choose a type of wine or grape and try the same vintage year from different regions or countries.
Compare different vintages of the same wine by the same producer.
Compare different wines made in the same place and in the same year.
Make it personal, and drink wines made in birthday or anniversary years.
Downloadable PDF Files: Wine Evaluation Chart | Wine-Tasting Mat
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