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Wine Tastings
Old World vs. New
This is possibly the easiest tasting to put together, and it’s a terrific way to introduce beginners to the wine world. Simply put, Old World refers to Europe, while New World refers to everywhere else. Wines can be tasted in pairs for direct comparison or in a solo progression.
Tastings to Try
Burgundy vs. California or Oregon Pinot Noir
Northern Rhône vs. Australian Shiraz
Cahors vs. Argentinean Malbec
Bordeaux (left bank) vs. California or Chilean Cabernet
Chianti vs. California Sangiovese
Italian Barbera vs. California Barbera
Italian Pinot Grigio vs. California Pinot Grigio
Alsatian Pinot Gris vs. Oregon Pinot Gris
Vouvray vs. South African Chenin Blanc
Pouilly-Fumé vs. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
Pouilly-Fuissé vs. California Chardonnay
Alsatian or German Riesling vs. California or Washington Riesling
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The same variety of grape can yield very different types of wine, depending on where it is grown.