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With so many varieties to choose from, it is hard to know where even to begin learning about wine. Let Fine Wine & Good Spirits take you behind the scenes and beyond the label — you’ll soon see that the rich array of styles and producers doesn’t make wine daunting; it simply makes for a more exciting journey.
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Come with us as we tour the vineyards of France along the “wine road,” learn which full-bodied wine is famous for its notes of violets and tar, and search for the best Merlot to fit a budget. The world of wine awaits…


From the world-class wines of Italy to the up-and-coming producers of South America, learning about wine by region allows you to taste local foods alongside your latest discovery.
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Whether you seek a classic Merlot, a wallet-friendly Montepulciano or a buttery Chardonnay, winemaking always starts with the grape. Red Wine | White Wine | Sparkling Wine |
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A robust red, a light-bodied white, or a spritzy champagne — what better way to explore wine than by the style you prefer to drink? Learn More

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