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One of the most versatile and popular spirits, vodka can be distilled from many different ingredients (most commonly grains and potatoes), and mixes well with just about anything.
cosmopolotan Cranberry and lime juice give Cosmopolitans their unique hue.
Slavic in origin, this spirit is most famously associated with Russia, where they distill it from grain. Poland is known for potato vodka, while France offers a grape-based version.

Due to the low freezing point of alcohol, vodka can be stored in a freezer without turning to ice. Also, many aficionados feel it is at its best served ice cold. Flavored vodkas are made by infusing additional essences that run the gamut from spicy (pepper, cinnamon, ginger) to sweet (raspberry, vanilla, chocolate, honey).

U.S. law dictates that vodka must be “neutral spirits so distilled as to be without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color.” Tasting terms for vodka usually reflect on how smooth or harsh the alcohol is on the palate, and imported vodkas will often have very subtle and delicate flavors.

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