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This category covers everything from Kahlúa to Chambord and Grand Marnier. Cordials typically consist of a base spirit, such as brandy or vodka, combined with sugar and either fruit, nuts, herbs and spices, or coffee.
amaretto Amaretto rounds out a tray of snacks and drinks.
Some famous brands such as Irish Mist, Jägermeister and Tuaca are proprietary blends of many ingredients, with secret, closely guarded recipes.

Cordials are a traditional after-dinner drink and can be served on their own or with a cup of coffee (or mixed with the coffee) to round off a meal. Some of the more exotic cocktails, such as Stingers and Grasshoppers, also have cordials as an ingredient.

Well-known brand names and their flavors include:

Amaretto (almond)

Chambord (raspberry)

Cointreau (orange)

Drambuie (honey)

Frangelico (hazelnut)

Grand Marnier (orange)

Kahlúa (coffee)

Sambuca (black licorice)

Southern Comfort (peaches)

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kahlua sambuca
A liqueur added to coffee makes a decadent after-dinner drink.