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Spirit Glass Guide
Many spirit glasses are named after the drink that made them famous. Here we explain why the shape of each glass is particularly suited to the beverage it holds.
Cordial Glass

A small, narrow glass that concentrates aromas.

Designed for sweet cordials such as Amaretto and Grand Marnier.

Snifter Glass

A short glass with a rounded shape.

Hold the bowl of the glass in your palm to warm the contents.

Use for brandy, Cognac or Scotch.

Martini Glass

Holding the glass by its long stem keeps cocktails cold.

Intended for chilled cocktails that are served neat, such as Martinis, Manhattans or Cosmopolitans.

Margarita Glass

A large glass with a wide rim that is perfect for dipping in salt.

Adds a festive note to frozen Margaritas.

Hurricane  Glass

Named for its distinctive shape, which resembles an old-fashioned hurricane lamp.

Great for tropical fruit drinks.

Collins  Glass

A Collins glass is narrower than a highball glass.

Named after the Tom Collins cocktail.

Used to serve many mixed drinks.

Highball Glass

A large tumbler that can hold 8 to 12 ounces.

Intended for drinks that combine a lot of mixers in addition to the alcohol.

Rocks Glass

A small glass with a wide mouth that allows the spirit to breathe.

Just enough room for one shot and a few ice cubes.

Old Fashioned Glass
Old Fashioned

A short tumbler named after the Old Fashioned cocktail.

Used for many mixed drinks.

Shot Glass

A small glass that is often used to measure liquor.

Holds one serving of straight spirits.

Shooter Glass

A little taller than a shot glass.

Used for shots of mixed spirits.

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