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Temperature Guide
Serving your wine at the correct temperature can greatly enhance its flavor and aroma, but many people — and restaurants — serve their red wine too warm and their white wine too cold. Keep a few simple rules in mind.
Image of a wine glass on a table. Red wine served at room temperature.
Red Wine
Red wine is at its best when served at room temperature, which should be around 59–64 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Exceptions include Lambrusco, young Beaujolais or Gamay wines, and other soft, light-bodied reds, which should be slightly chilled to around 50–55 degrees. (But keep in mind that Cru Beaujolais is best at room temperature.)

White Wine
White wine is most often served chilled to less than 55 degrees, but here too there are exceptions, particularly for full-bodied whites.

The more complex and fuller in body a white wine is, the warmer it should be served — somewhere between 54 and 60 degrees.

Sweet wines and light, crisp whites show their best at temperatures of 45–50 degrees.

Generally speaking, rosé should be chilled to the same temperature as white wine — 45–50 degrees.

Sparkling Wine, Champagne
Serve sparkling wine and Champagne on the cooler side, between 45 and 50 degrees.

Dessert Wine
Many dessert wines are served chilled, with the notable exception of vintage Port.
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