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Tasting Notes

Aged in charred oak barrels for 10 years, this bourbon boasts a unique flavor profile specific to each batch. It’s one of a kind, just like the rebels who drink it. Hints of caramel and citrus on your first sips. But continue drinking and it morphs into a velvety oak flavor with unabashed spice.
— Distiller's notes

Expert Reviews

Absolutely stellar opening, with blueberries, black currants, and mashed cherries complementing vanilla icing, cornbread, and chocolate-hazelnut wafers. Then it’s salt water taffy, bread pudding, honey, jalapeño poppers, and snickerdoodles. But it does not stop there: baking spices develop toward the end, with bright cinnamon notes coating the long finish.
— 92 PointsWhisky Advocate, Summer 2018

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