The image of a group of people around a table toasting invites you to join the wine club
People enjoying wine
Welcome to the Wine Club. We are excited to offer you this new and improved experience.
Join us and enroll to receive two exclusive bottles of wine each month. We'll take the mystery out of choosing a bottle and expose you to a wide array of specially picked wines. So go ahead-enroll your sweetheart in a gift membership, dazzle your book group with a bottle at each meeting, or join us just for yourself.
The Wine Club offers two levels of membership, and two options within each level:
First choose the tier you would like to enroll in...
$25-$35 + Shipping* per month
Includes two bottles of carefully selected wine from a wide range of countries and varietals. This membership is perfect for those who want a thorough introduction to wine and two quality bottles for their table each month.
$40-$60 + Shipping* per month
Includes two bottles of premium wine each month, including wines from up and coming, as well as established, vineyards. Connoisseurs will rush to investigate each month’s Aficionado selection.
Shipping Rates: In Store Pickup: $7.00   Home Delivery for PA addresses only: $14.00
Then choose between the Red or the Mixed package...
Two glasses of red wine
Can’t get enough of red wine? Choose a red-only package and receive two bottles of red wine in your shipment each month.
A glass of red wine and a glass of white wine
a glass of red wine; one glass of red wine with one glass of white
Is variety the spice of life? Choose a mixed package and receive one bottle of red wine and one bottle of white wine in your shipment each month.
Ready to join the club?
Already a member?
We’re happy to have you with us! The Wine Club also makes a great gift—with gift memberships available for three, six or twelve months.
Receiving your shipments
Each month, the wine club newsletter and the two bottles of wine selected for your tier of the Wine Club will be shipped to the Fine Wine & Good Spirits store of your choice. The store will contact you when your club subscription is ready for pick up. If you have purchased a gift subscription, you will be notified that your gift has been sent and the recipient will be notified that the package is ready for pick up. Please note that processing fees are already included in the shipment costs.
Previous selections of the Wine Club
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