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Big Peat Islay Blended 10 Year Old Scotch
"This vatting carries a big peaty (often called 'phenolic'), beachy oceanic slightly ashy... More
Size: 750ML
Product Code: 30472
Online Exclusive
92 750ML
Reg: $63.99
Compass Box Flaming Heart Blended Scotch
Online Exclusive!!!  Limited Edition, Fourth Release.
... More
Size: 750ML
Product Code: 31361
Online Exclusive
98 750ML
Reg: $99.99
Compass Box Great King Street Blended Scotch
Online Exclusive!
"All sweet... More
Size: 750ML
Product Code: 30761
Online Exclusive
86 750ML
Reg: $38.99
Compass Box Oak Cross Scotch
Nose: Warm and enticing, this beckons you in with a sultry sweetness, honey and Kalhua.... More
Size: 750ML
Product Code: 31000
Limited Availability
86 750ML
Reg: $51.99
On Sale: $46.99
Compass Box Peat Monster Malt Scotch

"An intensely smoky initial bouquet which then becomes creamy, concentrated, citrusy, mash-like, and... More

Size: 750ML
Product Code: 05715
Limited Availability 92 750ML
Reg: $61.99
Compass Box Spice Tree Scotch

"Our award winning malt whisky is back. Aged on heavy toasted, new French oak sourced from 195 year-old... More

Size: 750ML
Product Code: 30571
Limited Availability
92 750ML
Reg: $63.99
Dewars Signature Blend

Online Exclusive!

Distiller's Notes: This ultra-luxury whisky is based... More

Size: 750ML
Product Code: 10812
Online Exclusive
86 750ML
Reg: $199.99
Double Barrel 10 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky
A small batch bottling of two single cask malt whiskies vatted together; Highland Park & Bowmore. The... More
Size: 750ML
Product Code: 30837
Online Exclusive
92 750ML
Reg: $63.99
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch

"A honey-colored whisky with a spicy, smoky fragrance. The first sip is surprisingly sweet and honeyed,... More

Size: 750ML
Product Code: 02279
Widely Available 80 750ML
Reg: $234.99
Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 Year Old Scotch

Limited Availability!!!

"Johnnie Walker® Platinum Label® is rich and... More

Size: 750ML
Product Code: 07034
Limited Availability
80 750ML
Reg: $104.99
Johnnie Walker Scotch Multi Gift Pack
Online Exclusive!!!
Gift Pack Includes one bottle each of... More
Size: 800ML
Product Code: 30749
Online Exclusive
80 800ML
Reg: $119.99
Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky 2nd Run

Online Exclusive!!!

"A stunning re-creation of the original malt, shipped to... More

Size: 750ML
Product Code: 31696
Online Exclusive
94 750ML
Reg: $169.99
Old St Andrews Clubhouse Blended Scotch Gift Pack with Tumbler Glass

Price: $8.99

"Old St. Andrews 'Clubhouse' is full-flavored, fruity and... More

Size: 50.ML
Product Code: 34257
Online Exclusive
80 50.ML
Reg: $8.99
The Tweeddale Blend Batch 3 Scotch Whisky

Online Exclusive!!!

"Alasdair Day is on a mission to build a new Lowland... More

Size: 750ML
Product Code: 36482
Online Exclusive 92 750ML
Reg: $56.99
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