Manatawny Still Works Odd Fellows No 214 Gin Pennsylvania 94 Proof
An image of Manatawny Still Works Odd Fellows No 214 Gin Pennsylvania 94 Proof
Age: NA
Country: USA
Size: 750 ML
Product Code: 000034571
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"The Manatawny Still Works team is an interesting collection of individuals. Folks from all walks of life, and various backgrounds, came together with a singular love of quality craft distilled spirits like Odd Fellows gin. This spirit is created with them in mind, and named as a salute to odd fellows everywhere!"

"When I describe the method I used to create our gin everyone gives me an odd look. It's complicated so you better start taking notes. It starts with a distillation in Apollonia, my pot still. Juniper Berries, sourced from Italy and Macedonia, are mixed with an organic wheat neutral spirit and I do a liquid infusion. At the same time in a second still, my pilot still, I do separate distillations using vapor infusion, for each botanical. Besides the Juniper Berries, I use Coriander, Bitter Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Tellicherry Black Peppercorns, and Orris Root. The results are a concentrated form of each botanical which are blended together to achieve the flavor profile I'm after. I then add a corn based neutral spirit to get the right concentration of botanicals.

"The first thing you get when you nose our gin is the juniper. It's clean with the right amount of piney character. Afterwards, you get the subtle hints of coriander, citrus, floral notes, and pepper. It's hard to tell where each begins and ends. When the gin hits your tongue you get heavy - but not too intense, juniper notes. The lighter character of the other botanicals highlight the edges of the juniper and it finishes extremely clean. You get a subtle dry pepper heat that is easy to confuse with the heat from the ethanol. "

—Distiller's notes

Manatawny Stillworks is located in Montgomery County in eastern Pennsylvania. It is a state-of-the-art distiller of the highest quality, small-batch spirits handcrafted right on the same banks where the natives once drank.

Manatawny Still Works was developed to produce world class spirits with character in small batches. Our distillery is modern, but our practices are based on old world production with a reverent nod to the history of the region. From the Lenape Indians, whose name for the nearby creek--the place we meet to drink--we borrowed for our distillery to historical figures of importance, for whom we named some of our very first spirits. The spirit of Manatawny is focused on quality, but rooted in the past.

—Distillery Info

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