An image of Merryvale Antigua Dessert Wine Napa Valley Non Vintage
Merryvale Antigua Dessert Wine Napa Valley Non Vintage
Variety/style: Muscat
Country: USA
Region: Other Region
Vintage: AV
Size: 500 ML
Product Code: 000034494
Availability: Limited Distribution
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"This is a truly unique and amazing desert wine from California! The grape used is called Muscat de Frontignan, and the wine is fortified with fine pot-still brandy, aged in French oak barrels and tanks. Like other fortified dessert wines, this is a multi-year blend, using vintages from 1970-1983 and 1992-1997. The wine is 18% alcohol, and has 11% residual sugar. It is golden/amber in color from its long aging in French oak, and the wine is a complex combination of nuts and orange-peel aromas. Thick and rich in the mouth, the nuts and orange-peel theme continues from the entry through the long finish, highlighted by the many subtleties from the fine brandy and time in the barrel. It's a great paring with Tiramisu, Creme Brulee, Almond Biscotti, Hazelnut Torte, and Pecan Pie!"

--Winemaker's notes

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