An image of The First Editions Strathmill Single Malt Scotch Speyside 23 Year Old 111 Proof
The First Editions Strathmill Single Malt Scotch Speyside 23 Year Old 111 Proof
Age: 23 years old
Country: Scotland
Size: 750 ML
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"Whilst the backbone of the First Editions brand is normally elegant, older, gentle Speyside whiskies, we appreciate and enjoy the spirit in all its forms. Therefore we are pleased to offer some of the best of casks from distilleries across all of Scotland’s regions.

"Often, we decide a cask needs another year, or two, or five of ageing before going into the First Editions range. On occasion, we feel that a spell in an ex-sherry, rum or port cask would benefit the ultimate result and so we import these casks and “re-rack” the spirit into them for perhaps six months or a year. We are adamant that we will never rush to bottle a whisky, and will always give it the time it needs to show its best qualities.

"When we have decided firstly that a whisky is suitable for bottling, after having carefully nosed and tasted it at both natural cask strength and with the addition of some water, we begin the enjoyable process of writing tasting notes. It may come as no surprise that these jottings become more florid and imaginative as the tasting session progresses.

"Although we have been glad to bottle casks of Islay malt such as some excellent Bowmores which have found favour in the market recently, The First Editions range is best characterised by elegant, complex malts from the Speyside region. We are particularly fond of distilleries such as Cragganmore as well as the lesser-known Linkwood, Longmorn, Mortlach and Miltonduff; names which command huge respect within the whisky industry. We tend to bottle no more than 3 or 4 casks every month, and have around 15 separate First Editions bottlings in the constantly-changing range at any time."
- Distiller's Notes

Region: Speyside (spicy and delicate). Speyside is home to almost half of Scotland's distilleries and produces whiskies known for their elegance and complexity.

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