An image of Gordon and MacPhail Old Pulteney Scotch Speyside 21 Year Old 86 Proof
Gordon and MacPhail Old Pulteney Scotch Speyside 21 Year Old 86 Proof
Age: 21 years old
Country: Scotland
Size: 750 ML
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"In partnership with each respective distillery, all whiskies in our Distillery Labels range are uniquely labelled. In years gone by many of these unique designs were used 'officially' to bottle the whisky under license from the distillery. Today these trusted relationships with distillers enables Gordon & MacPhail to bottle whiskies at various ages, strengths and vintages - all with their unique distillery label.

"Old Pulteney Distillery lies on the Southern side of Wick, it is Scotland's most Northerly mainland distillery. At one time Wick was deemed to be such an unruly place that it suffered from a period of prohibition. Ironically, Pulteney was still producing its whisky throughout the period of enforced abstinence. The whisky was dubbed the 'Manzilla of the North' due to the salty character that has been picked up during the maturation."

"Aroma without water: Sweet, rich fruit aromas with a green, leafy note.
Taste without water: Smoky with a balanced sweetness. Spicy notes also present - treacle toffees.
Aroma with water: Fruit with malt and nutty characteristics - strawberry tart.
Taste with water: Touch of smoke with some oak hints detectable. Drier with some nutty flavours."
- Distiller's Notes

Region: Speyside (spicy and delicate). Speyside is home to almost half of Scotland's distilleries and produces whiskies known for their elegance and complexity.

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