An image of Machrie Moor Single Malt Scotch Whisky The Peated Arran Malt 100 Proof
Machrie Moor Single Malt Scotch Whisky The Peated Arran Malt 100 Proof
Age: NA
Country: Scotland
Size: 750 ML
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  • Expert Notes
"The colour of the Machrie Moor is lemon yellow and the nose is light, fresh and subtle to begin with. Aromas of vanilla, honey, citrus (think of lemon zest) and unripe plums (or maybe greengages?) give way to more robust malty barley grains (imagine oatcake biscuits) and sweet, earthy peat smoke. These give the nose some punch and impact. There are also notes of shortbread, coconut and woody oak spice. The vanilla aromas increase with time in the glass and in contrast, the peat smoke softens. On the palate, this whisky has a clean but youthful and slightly hot, peppery burn which quickly subsides to give a lovely creamy combination of sweet notes - vanilla (reminiscent of custard powder), malty barley, honey. Then comes tangy citrus (the lemon zest again) and a hint of salt or brine. Finally, the soft subtle peat smoke appears with an initial damp earthy quality. With time, this smokiness takes on a feeling of toasted cereals and burnt caramel. It is very pleasant indeed. The finish is of decent length for a lighter style of whisky and has a distinct tangy, zesty freshness (think of lemon zest and a hint of sherbet). This becomes hot, peppery and slightly dry right at the end. The soft smoke burns away throughout, like the embers of a dying bonfire."
- "Whisky for Everyone," Feb 2011
Region: Islands (peaty and maritime). Incorporating famous names such as Islay, Skye and Orkney, these islands often make heavily peated scotches, reminiscent of the sea.
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