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Zodiac Idaho Potato Vodka 80 Proof
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Size: 750 ML
Rating: WE - 85
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The nosing passes find crisp scents of wet straw and earth and mild vegetal sweetness in this rather meek bouquet. The palate entry is focused, moderately oily and semisweet; the delightful midpalate is long, oily and mineral-like. - P.P. (11/1/2006) - 85-89: Very Good/Recommended
Zodiac starts with genuine Idaho potatoes, a water source that originates in the Teton Mountains, and an expert master distiller who puts all this together. Hand crafted in small batches, Zodiac uses a continuous distillation process where the alcohol passes through a series of 91 stainless steel plates that extract impurities and create an American spirit of unparalleled precision and purity. The alcohol is then blended with pure, spring water drawn from a deep well in the plains of the Snake River and filtered through hand-cut Canadian Birch charcoal and over rock crystals. Produced in the only potato vodka distillery in the state, the company says, Zodiac is a additive-free, 100-percent neutral potato spirit that strives to deliver a clean taste and unparalleled smoothness.
*100% neutral potato spirits *Four-column, 91-stage distillation *No additives, Naturally smooth *Birch charcoal filtration *Rocky Mountain spring water
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