An image of Manatawny Still Works Small Batch Rum 01 Pennsylvania 80 Proof
Manatawny Still Works Small Batch Rum 01 Pennsylvania 80 Proof
Age: NA
Country: Not Specified
Size: 750 ML
Product Code: 000034604
Availability: Limited Distribution

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"Good things come in small packages, but Manatawny Still Works' Small Batch Rum—aged for a year in new American oak cooperage—exceeds the standard definition of good. Our first Small Batch Rum is a special spirit, deep amber in color and best enjoyed neat to experience the full range of nuanced flavors and aromas. A perfect amount of sweetness defines this molasses-based, authentic distillation of one of the world's favorite spirits.

A tribute to one of the oldest and most important American spirits, MSW's Batch Rum is an exquisitely rare and respectable offering limited to a select number of barrels.

NOSE: Banana, Vanilla, Oak, Butterscotch, Raisin, Apricots, Burnt Sugar.
PALATE: Banana, Vanilla, Oak, Cream, Rich, Sherry.
COMMENTS: Dark amber with woody spice and an up front sweetness that slowly fades to a smooth balance. An undeniably delightful, full-bodied experience from nose to palate.

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