An image of Manatawny Still Works J Potts Unaged Whiskey Pennsylvania 94 Proof
Manatawny Still Works J Potts Unaged Whiskey Pennsylvania 94 Proof
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Size: 750 ML
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"In 1752, ironmaster John Potts, a courageous risk-taker, colonized the beautiful portion of Penn's Woods where the pristine Manatawny Creek joined the Philadelphia-bound Schuylkill River. Potts' work ethic is the inspiration for our unaged whiskey, an honest and proper tribute to the pioneer spirit.

"Our authentic blend of grains yields a complex flavor profile that comes together for a surprisingly smooth white whiskey. The malty sweetness is balanced by the floral wheat while oats and rye adding a subtle spice. One sip and you will know why we don't call it moonshine."

—Distiller's notes

Manatawny Stillworks is located in Montgomery County in eastern Pennsylvania. It is a state-of-the-art distiller of the highest quality, small-batch spirits handcrafted right on the same banks where the natives once drank.

Manatawny Still Works was developed to produce world class spirits with character in small batches. Our distillery is modern, but our practices are based on old world production with a reverent nod to the history of the region. From the Lenape Indians, whose name for the nearby creek--the place we meet to drink--we borrowed for our distillery to historical figures of importance, for whom we named some of our very first spirits. The spirit of Manatawny is focused on quality, but rooted in the past.

—Distillery Info

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