An image of Koval Single Barrel Oat Whiskey Chicago 80 Proof
Koval Single Barrel Oat Whiskey Chicago 80 Proof
Age: 2 years old
Country: Not Specified
Size: 750 ML
Product Code: 000031850
Availability: Limited Distribution

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"100% Oat - notes of pineapple and banana with soft, creamy finish."

--Distiller's notes

"Very similar to the Midwest Wheat in aroma, with a slight additional tanginess…but that could be from sensory deprivation. Drier in the mouth, with a slight medicinal character to it that increases as the finish goes on; like a high school chemistry lab storeroom, or a bottle of fresh aspirin."
--Whisky Advocate (Vol. 20, #3) Reviewed by: Lew Bryson

"KOVAL Distillery is a grain-to-bottle distillery, making everything in house using organic and locally sourced ingredients. When owners Sonat and Robert Birnecker decided to leave their academic careers to found Chicago’s first distillery since Prohibition, they were committed to a modern take on the traditional Central European distilling techniques passed down from Robert’s grandparents. Robert not only grew up distilling on his grandparents’ award-winning winery and distillery in Austria, he has become a world-renowned expert on craft distilling. "e entire KOVAL team has been committed, from its very inception, to making the best craft spirits in America. To do this, they decided to share their knowledge and connections to Europe’s leading equipment manufacturers so that prospective distillers would have access to the best infrastructure and technology in the world. In fact, the KOVAL team has consulted for or taught distilling to over 1,000 people interested in joining the craft movement."

--Distillery Info

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