An image of Koval Single Barrel Millet Whiskey Chicago 80 Proof
Koval Single Barrel Millet Whiskey Chicago 80 Proof
Age: 2 years old
Country: Not Specified
Size: 750 ML
Product Code: 000031849
Availability: Limited Distribution

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"100% Millet - tart mouthfeel with notes of dark fruits on finish"

--Distiller's notes

"A lively light fruitiness (white grapes, green plum) in the nose. Quite grainy, but with an interesting hint of vanilla and a slight saltiness. Finish is a bit astringent, unlike the other Koval spirits. I’m finding these an interesting exercise in distillation, and educational."
--Whisky Advocate (Vol. 20, #3) Reviewed by: Lew Bryson

Aged in new American oak from Minnesota. Millet is a prized grain in Asia and Africa and popular base for spirits in Nepal, though this is the first whiskey to be made out of millet. Only the “heart cut” of the distillate, no “heads” or “tails.” Grains sourced from a local organic farmer collective in the Midwest. Single Barrel. Unfiltered 100% Millet. Heart cut. Organic & Kosher. Naturally gluten-free

Best of 2014 Best of 2014-2014 Flaviar Spirits Community Award

Gold Medal - Grain Spirit 2010 Destillata Spirits Competition

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