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New Zealand
This country is a study in contrasts, from dense forests to breathtaking mountains to rugged coastlines, so it’s no surprise that New Zealand offers a wide range of wine.
New Zealand countryside image The dramatic terrain of New Zealand lends itself to a wide variety of wines.
With wine-growing regions spanning the latitudes of 36 to 45 degrees and covering the length of 1,000 miles (1,600km), grapes are grown in a vast range of climates and soil types producing a diverse array of styles.

Central Otago
New Zealand’s latest star, this region shines with fruit-driven wines despite its cool climate. Pinot Noir is the grape with the lead role here.

Hawke’s Bay
Chardonnay rules in the second-most productive region in New Zealand, which is also a center for sparkling wine. Sauvignon Blanc is another important white variety, and notable red wines are made from Merlot and Merlot-Cabernet blends.

The biggest star in New Zealand’s wine firmament, Marlborough is famous for its distinctive Sauvignon Blanc with intensely grassy, herbal and gooseberry flavors. While Sauvignon Blanc is the district’s primary white, the key red variety is Pinot Noir.

This district’s winemaking stature is on the rise. A North Island area more akin to the South Island in climate, Martinborough is home to small producers who focus on quality. Look for white wines from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, and reds crafted from Pinot Noir.

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