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Rum is made from sugarcane juice or molasses in many different styles, most notably in the Caribbean Islands.
Cachaca A Caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil.
As rum ages, it takes on stronger and richer flavors not unlike caramelized sugar. Spiced rum flavors will vary according to brand, but many have various fruit flavors with a hint of vanilla.

“Puerto Rican Rum” on a label usually indicates that the rum is light-bodied and clear, while “Jamaican Rum” signifies a full-bodied and stronger-flavored rum. “Over-proof” rum is higher in alcohol content than standard rum, often as high as 75 percent (or 151 proof). Rum is popular in many mixed drinks and is used in cooking, especially desserts.

Light or Silver Rum
Clear, dry and light-bodied rum with a mild, sweet flavor.

Gold Rum
Light rum that may be aged or that has caramel color added.

Light or gold rum with added spices and flavors.

Dark in color, full-bodied and with a strong flavor. This rum is aged in charred barrels.

Aged rum is dark, full-bodied and full-flavored.

Made in Brazil from fresh sugarcane juice.

A dark rum made in Guyana from molasses.

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An icy strawberry daiquiri served on an outdoor patio.
Dark Rum
Dark rum served on the rocks.