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Gin is a distilled spirit made from blends of grains such as corn, barley and malt, flavored with the juniper berry.
Gin Gin is marked with the unique taste of the juniper berry.
It is believed to have originated in Holland in the 17th century as a popular medicine for gout, among other ailments. According to some accounts, gin may also be the origin of the expression “Dutch courage,” assigned to it by British soldiers fighting in Holland in the Thirty Years’ War.

Gin’s distinctive flavor depends on the blender’s individual recipe — some will have an overwhelming pine flavor from the juniper berries most commonly associated with gin, while others have more complex layers of flavor or delicate nuances.

Dutch or Genever Gin
Dutch or Genever Gin is full in flavor and body.

American or English Gin
Dry and lighter than Dutch Gin.

Plymouth Gin
An aromatic, slightly fruity and full-bodied type of gin.

Old Tom Gin
Today, only one distiller in England produces Old Tom Gin, a gin sweetened with syrup.

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