Party-Planning Tips
When you host a gathering, make it personal — consider serving wines made in birthday or anniversary years, or celebrate with a theme matched to your favorite cocktail.
Image of hands and glasses having a toast.
Mix inexpensive Champagne with some Cassis for a Kir Royale to enliven your toast. A bottle of bourbon with bitters, oranges and cherries brings the Old-Fashioned cocktail back into style.

Quantity Calculator
Wondering how much to buy? A good rule of thumb is one serving per hour per person. After determining the number of guests expected, multiply that number by the number of hours the party is scheduled to last. Learn More

Party Themes
Need an idea for your next party? Check out our calendar and find a reason to celebrate.
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Host a Wine Tasting
Host a wine tasting and see what your guests think of Old World vs. New World Cabernet. Learn More

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